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Hello from Active House


It's Christmas Eve here on Active House and I am getting the decorations 

ready for the big day. It's strange being away from family and friends 

at this time of year but it has happened to me a number of times in the 

past during major races. I never get used to it but the family seems to 

understand. I will speak to them over the holidays but it is racing as 



I have just gybed back from the south as the wind has clocked enough to 

require the change. I am feeling good about my position in between Brad 

and Gutek and hope to make some more ground on the northerly heading.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the people following the race 

and a special thank you to Active House. I am also thinking of the 

thousands of Canadians from the Maritimes to Ontario to British Columbia 

and every point inbetween that have supported me and Spirit of Canada 

over the years, a very special thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy 

Holidays to you and your families.


Take Care