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I couldnít take a decision for quite a long time Ė which option will be better. Yesterday morning I wanted to go on NE, but the Agulhas Current was taking me west at 5 knots rate, and I had really very little of wind. So I gave up. Later on I tried going south as soon as possible tacking as much as I could. Today morning the forecast was a bit more readable and my hope for going through the no-wind zone on south disappeared. Finally I have to sail NE. This time tough luck, because in fact Iím coming back to a place I visited before. But have no choice. It seems a long way upwind.

All gear onboard Operon Racing is OK. I had a little problem with batteries, and I had to climb up the mast to fix a little thing at the first spreader.  Until yesterday I could see Brad and Derek. Today I canít see anyone. I think that Derek likes sailing with very gentle wind and heís doing really well.

From the start I had really not much sleep Ė a few times I only managed to get 1 hour naps. Being on the land for so long really kicks you out from a normal routine onboard.