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About The Race

The VELUX 5 OCEANS is an event with an amazing heritage and a big future. Single-handed, around the world’s oceans in thoroughbred racing yachts – the ultimate odyssey, the ultimate solo challenge.

Its unique Grand Prix format gives the VELUX 5 OCEANS a truly global appeal, on and off the water, on an affordable scale for skippers, sponsors and commercial partners.

Race Format

For 2006 the race sees a new format and new route – racing from Spain to Western Australia, then to the USA eastern seaboard and the gripping transatlantic return to Bilbao in Spain. Each stopover provides sponsors with international communication, relationship building and hospitality opportunities. Stopovers are great opportunities to create impact, generate additional PR and associated promotional activities.

The multi-leg format generates increased sporting interest, with spectacular sailing, short stopovers and regular restarts. For the skippers it is the toughest challenge – effectively its “three races within one event”. Stretching their skills and endurance to the limit, pushing their hardest offshore, they have to physically and mentally recover for the adrenaline of the restarts, prepare their boats and work with the media and sponsors prior to setting off from each stopover.

Each point scoring leg of the race intensifies the competition for the skippers, which helps generate ongoing media interest – will a skipper sustain their hard won lead, or make an outstanding comeback?

Race Values

The VELUX 5 OCEANS embodies a unique blend of sporting, human and commercial values. The skippers are the central characters in the unfolding drama. Their tenacity, gritty determination, and capacity for endurance is born from unique personalities, who are prepared to take on the ultimate challenge, who have fought hard to build the necessary sailing and commercial skills to get to the start line.

The skippers’ competitiveness afloat is juxtaposed by a special camaraderie ashore, rarely seen in other sporting events. This spirit and shared partnership ethos extends to the sponsors and commercial partners, as the skippers line up on the pontoons, ensuring the race provides exceptional, invaluable networking opportunities.

New Venues

The venue partners, the City of Bilbao and Fremantle, Western Australia, are providing unparalleled support, facilities and infrastructure in these exciting tourist and commercial centres. Marketing, media production and TV distribution is being managed by commercial partner, Global Sportnet, a leading sports marketing company within the multinational WPP group. They will ensure race stakeholders benefit from global exposure through regular news feeds/ PR, round up magazine footage, five bespoke 30 minute highlight programmes, the unique daily broadband VELUX 5 channel and documentaries on each sailor.