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VELUX 5 OCEANS 2006-07 Race Route

The world’s oceans provide the race track as the sailors drive their yachts across the oceans, through roller coaster sized waves, blizzards, icebergs and the windless tropics, from port to port, in their quest for victory. Few sporting events are truly global in this sense.

The route for the VELUX 5 OCEANS 2006-07 is the most challenging ever for the sailors, reaching commercial centers in Europe, USA and Australasia, which are highly attractive for sponsors’ corporate hospitality and promotional activities. (see map below for new route).

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Departing from the dynamic Port of Getxo in Bilbao, the first leg will be to Australia, via the frustrating Doldrums, around the Cape of Good Hope, and across the Indian Ocean.

After a short stopover in Fremantle, the skippers face probably the toughest leg: around the legendary Cape Horn to USA’s eastern Seaboard. Surfing down 10m waves, the boats will exceed 20 knots as they negotiate the savage storms of the Southern Ocean, before turning north for the USA, once again through the unpredictable doldrums.

The skippers will welcome a short break, providing intensive maintenance and re-stocking periods for support teams, before the final sprint across the Atlantic back to the finish, in Bilbao in the spring of 2007.